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But art is intimidating and only for the wealthy, right? (Wrong)
Let’s compare an art gallery from the 19th century to one you might see in one of today’s major cities.


Sure, the image is a bit clearer and the architecture a bit cleaner, but in over 135 years, nothing seems to have changed. If the medium through which we interact with art has remained the same for over a century, it makes perfect sense that most of us still find art intimidating.

Our mission is simple: combine modern technology with a personal experience to make art accessible for everyone.
Here are a few game-changers you should definitely know about:


And if we succeed, artists thrive. They reach new eyes, upcoming generations of art-lovers, and reignite the creative spirit that drove them to make art in the first place. If we can help artists continue to create and inspire the world with their art, we’ve won, and so have you.

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