In the latest episode, State of the Art talks to Shanna Tellerman, founder & CEO of Modsy. Using 3D and augmented reality (AR) renders of spaces, Modsy allows people to visualize design ideas in their own home. This visualization helps users to make aesthetic decisions while simultaneously broadening their understanding of design through stylistic recommendations. Shanna’s background in fine art, technology, and science culminated in the creation of Modsy, and serve as a great illustration of the intersection of art and tech.

Ethan and Shanna talk about how she came up with the idea for Modsy, why diversity in tech is so important, and how visualization technologies open possibilities for the art & design space.  


Top 5 Takeaways:

1.) Strength through diversity.



“Diverse points of view makes better products, at the end of the day we live in a diverse world, we have many users of our products and we have to satisfy a wide range of people; and so if you have a very narrow range of people building the thing for a wide range of people, you’re going to miss a portion of the population and you’re going to miss insights into that type of user…we have a very diverse team and  it just makes it so fun.”



2.) Virtual Reality can help visualize art in your space, and help collectors pull the trigger on a piece.


“It’s the story of artists that often sell it and then the last piece is visualization, if you pull those things together that breaks down many of the barriers that somebody has, I think how you create the initial instinct like I should buy art, I feel like that’s where hopefully we can play a role- like you should buy art and your space is going to look really empty without that art.”



3.) It’s all about the experience.


“I think what’s fascinating is the physical spaces are becoming more and more about experiences and so maybe actually that means galleries are ahead of the curve in that sort of the act of creating any kind of show or exhibit is just that you’re going to have an opening, you’re going to invite people and it’s going to be an experience and it’s meant to be torn down.”

4.) Data empowers the user to be a designer.

“Our mission is really to empower the consumer to be unlocked in a creative way and to become their own designer. And so, the moment you as a consumer have now the tools, the technology, the starting point, the recommendations, but you’re going to tweak it in a way and the combination of your own taste and tweaks combined with your unique space and your unique profile means that no two spaces will look alike.”


5.) Visualization is a form of storytelling, and can drive the emotional reaction that leads to attachment to art.

“The emotional reaction I think is actually what drives more the purchase of art, but because first you see it and you’re like wow that transforms my space like a big giant painting there or like a series of prints here, it really speaks to me aesthetically and then you start talking about like what’s that subject matter? Now, you’re going to have some emotional reaction- positive or negative- and when you find the one that just really speaks to you, you know there’s a feeling like you almost can’t let that piece go.”  


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