The Most Famous Artist. If you’re active on social media, chances are you’ve come across at least one of Matty Mo’s provocative and socially-focused projects. Vango podcast State of the Art sat down with Matty Mo to hear about how he came to be The Most Famous Artist, how his former career in marketing shapes his art practice, and what he predicts for the intersection of technology and the art market.

Top 5 Takeaways:

1.) The Most Famous Artist is an experimental art piece in itself. As Matty Mo has said, “the Art Form of The 21st Century is Marketing,” and he has reinvented himself from a tech bro to an art sensation by leveraging his extensive marketing knowledge and the power of social media toward the art world. 

“If you type in the Google who is the most famous artist, amongst names like Picasso and Van Gogh you’ll see me in the results. So, as far as Google is concerned I might just be the most famous artist. And we’re also living in a time where I can actually empirically imagine whether or not I’m the most famous artist based on the number of impressions and followers and other such metrics I use to determine my fame.”


2.) Matty Mo does not see working with brands as “selling out” but rather the future of a successful art career. 

“However, brands they’re like the new church; they’ve got the resources and the distribution capabilities to enable artist produce works at scale and make sure those artworks are seen by tons of people. So, actually something I’ve come to terms with recently is that maybe the best place for an artist to be; the best position in the world for an artist is actually C.M.O. at the big brand.”

3.) Despite his belief that artists can work with brands, he does not believe that money has to be the goal of an artist, nor does it have to be the definition of success. He wants artists to be able to make a lucrative career just like any other entrepreneur.

“as long as the media and the art news and the art industry news are celebrating these like massive financial gains generated by art we’re going to be brainwashing the people at the earliest stages of their art career into believing that that’s the end goal. I think the end goal is actually just having a lifestyle you can make 150 grand or 200 grand a year doing what you love. That’s like the digital nomad by sell, but we can do it as artists.”


4.) Technology is the path to the future. Embracing resources like Virtual Reality will be a powerful tool for artists to gain insight and source material.

“VR is going to be a really powerful means through which you can relate to other types of people that are much different than you. And so, that will be helpful for artists to be able to find source material and also be helpful for patrons to be able to empathize with artists and figure out what they go through in order to make their work.”


5.) People benefit from having art on their walls. We don’t need to go through the traditional galleries and art institutions to appreciate or benefit from original art- just like us at Vango, Matty Mo believes art can be for everyone.

“The reason I love what you’re doing is even if is that like Art is just for the walls like it shouldn’t be a financial instrument and it shouldn’t be a means through which people can feel powerful and important…I think that one of the reasons that institutions kind of bastardised the idea of decorative art is that they don’t stand to gain from it. But in reality, most people stand again from just having cool interesting cultural pieces in their homes.”


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