As a member of the Artist Relations team here at Vango, I get the opportunity to speak with many Vango artists. A great deal of our conversations share a common theme: how artists can get more views and attract more collectors.

There are several ways to engage more effectively with your audience on Vango, but a couple of ideas we consistently suggest are a video bio and more targeted tags. On social media sites like Instagram, posts with hashtags get on average 12.6% more engagement and can be a fast and easy way to organically draw a broader audience. (if you haven’t linked your Instagram with your Vango account already, go for it!).  With this in mind, I have assembled the top tips for effectively tagging your work!  


1.) Be specific.

The more specific tags you use, the more specific audience you will be able to attract.  Make sure that each tag is relevant to your work. Think strategically about who you want to attract to your art. More targeted tags will attract more niche audiences, and these are far more engaged. Thinking strategically and creatively about your tag game will reward you with involved and interested followers!

Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night, 1889.

Suggested Tags: blue, yellow, dark, night, village, sky, stars, starry, cyprus, brushstrokes, oil, oil painting, oil on canvas, vincent van gogh, abstract, impressionism, post-impressionism, landscape, original painting, mystery, light, sadness, nostalgia, emotion, calm, distortion, art of the day


2.) Be descriptive.

Collectors often search for description words when looking for a piece of art. Suggested tags for a piece like Van Gogh’s Starry Night include colors like blue and yellow, subjects like stars and village, and emotions or themes like mystery, sadness, and calm. What can you say about your work? What are the subjects or location? Is it large, small, midsized? What colors stand out to you? Are there distinct emotions or moods that you associate with the piece?


3.) On social media, cater to the network you’re using.

Most websites and social media sites use tags differently. For example, on Vango and Instagram tags are usually descriptive of the post they are attached to. On Twitter, hashtags generally link a post to a conversation or ongoing topic. Keeping this in mind can help you target your audience more effectively on each network on which you choose to display your art.


Vincent Van Gogh, The Bedroom, 1889.

Suggested Tags: bedroom, interior, inside, private, personal space, blue, brown, green, furniture, chair, bed, paintings, oil on canvas, series, vincent van gogh, impressionism, comfortable, art of the day, texture, linear perspective, calm, tranquil, sleep


4.) Keep it short and sweet.  

Long tags get confusing, and too out of the norm. It’s okay to make up your own, but you want to make sure that people will actually search using the terms you use as tags or they’ll just be taking up space. For example, simple tags like blue and bedroom can be used for a piece like Van Gogh’s The Bedroom. As with most things, keeping it simple is the way to go.


5.) Use a mix of popular and niche tags.

Tip #1 suggests using specific tags, but using some popular tags can help drive traffic to your work, post, or site by attracting a more general audience in addition to your ideal targeted one. The more the merrier! Tags like #artoftheday and #originalart help guide a broad audience to your work. We recommend using a formula of 4x4x4. Four niche tags, four broader art tags, and four popular tags to better gain an audience for your work.


7.) Keep up-to-date on trends.

Linking your work to current trends can increase the number of views you get. Not only will keeping up to date on what people are talking about make you a better conversationalist at your next party, it will also make you better at tagging. For example, framing your art in the context of the holidays could position your artwork as the perfect gift idea.


8.) For the final tip, here’s a list of tags to get you started! These tags can be used on your Vango art and/or on your social media posts.


Popular Art Tags:














Specific Tags- Choose what works for you!


Colors: #blue (or whatever dominant colors you’re using!)

Size: #midsize (or whatever size you consider your work)

Type: #mixedmedia, #photography, #collage, #digitalart, #painting, #drawing, #printmaking

Medium: #oilpainting or #acrylicpainting, #pencil, #ink, #canvas

Subjects, Themes, and Location: #california, #beach, #forest

Emotions and Moods: #tranquility, #energy, #love, #nostalgia, #wanderlust

Movement: #abstractart and/or #abstractexpressionism (or #realism, #minimalism, #hyperrealism, #urbanart or whatever movement you identify with)

Genre: #landscape, #portrait, #stilllife


Check out our Video Bio Playbook and Instagram Playbook for more tips to grow your brand and maximize your art business.