Last week, I went to an Art & Tech panel titled Driving radical change – How fast are startups transforming the art industrysponsored by Open Austria in San Francisco. It touted :

While startups and innovators have been rapidly changing all aspects of our life, the world of arts and culture with its long-standing traditions and stable, publicly funded institutional set-up were sometimes perceived as immune to transformation. This is no longer the case.”  

While I would like to agree that art institutions are no longer immune to transformation, I don’t believe that radical change can happen unless we learn to ask the right questions.

I think that overall, the ‘tech’ industry can do a lot more in the art space, which is something I wrote about here. Technology is already changing so much of our lives and transforming how we approach things like travel, transportation etc, and it’s time that we tapped on its potential to transform the art world as well.

Why aren’t we having this discussion?  Who are the right folks to be on these panels? I answer those questions in this vlog.


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