Podcasts have long been a great tool for listening on the go, but in more recent times have expanded to delve into the subjects of art and culture. These podcasts discuss varying aspects of the art world, ranging from exhibition reviews and discussions on contemporary art, to tips for artists to grow their business. As a bonus, many of them feature exciting guests! Here are 8 podcasts that we enjoy, and feel are great sources of creative inspiration for artists and art lovers alike.

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1. A Piece of Work –  Abbi Jacobson


Featuring Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson,  ‘A Piece of Work’ is a podcast that is unafraid to address the sometimes perplexing nature of modern and contemporary art. With featured guests such as Questlove, Tavi Gevinson, and RuPaul, Jacobson discusses pieces within MoMA’s collection and asks the questions that we are sometimes afraid to ask.

Check out ‘A Piece of Work’ here.

2. Art Talk-  Edward Goldman & Hunter Drohojowsa-Philp


KCRW’s ‘Art Talk’ follows art critics Edward Goldman and Hunter Drohojowsa-Philp as they review the latest art exhibitions, such as LACMA’s recent show on Carlos Almaraz and Alejandro Inarritu. In addition to art exhibition reviews, the pair also discuss other interesting facets of art and how it relates to the word, including art documentaries, and intersections of art and history.

Check out ‘Art Talk’ here.

3. Artists Helping Artists – Leslie Saeta

As suggested by its name, ‘Artists Helping Artists’ is a podcast series that helps artists navigate the tricky art market. Each week, Leslie Saeta gives artists invaluable advice on topics like the importance of using  Instagram Stories to promote your art, how to organize your inventory, and studio tips! For artists needing some guidance, this is a podcast we would definitely recommend.

Check it out here.

4.  The Conversation: Art Podcast- Michael Shaw


‘The Conversation’ looks at the world of contemporary art from the personal perspectives of the guests who feature. The guests include a wide range of individuals from the art world– artists, collectors, curators, writers and art dealers. You get great personal insight in these podcasts, some of the most engaging being w candy artist Will Cotton, filmmaker Steven Eastwood, and gallerist Matthew Gardocki.

Check it out here.

5. Creative Insurgents – Cory Huff, Melissa Dinwiddie and Leah Jay


‘Creative Insurgents’ by ‘The Abundant Artist’s Cory Huff is another podcast that’s more targeted towards artists , advising artists on a range of subjects from art business matters to how to ensure that you are fulfilled creatively. Podcast topics include art journaling,  how and why you should create art in a series , and how to be brave.

Check it out here.

6. Bad at Sports


‘Bad At Sports’ is a podcast series that discusses contemporary art and the community around it. A big draw of the series is the guests featured- Each episode features various artists, curators, art writers and other art worlders, including guests like Deana Haggag, President & CEO of United States artists, and American painter Candida Alvarez.

Check it out here.

7. ArtTactic


Centered on the art market, ArtTactic’s podcast series focuses more on the business aspects of art from the perspectives of art investors, collectors and artists alike. Some of the podcast topics include guidance on the Buying and selling of contemporary art shares , auction news, and how to find jobs in the artworld.

Check it out here.

8. Artsy


The Artsy podcast follows Artsy’s editors as they discuss happenings around the art world. The podcast episodes cover a wide range of topics,  from thought pieces like ‘Why Good Artists Make “Bad” Paintings’ to the intersections of art and law,  and include subjects like how to make it in the art world if you aren’t a rich kid.

Check it out here.


We hope you enjoyed these and let us know what you think- What are some other podcasts you listen to? Share them with us in the comment section below!