Two months ago, as we celebrated our three year anniversary, Vango kicked off this blog series with a look at how we fit into the art world. Since then we’ve examined the online art space as a whole and considered how we could improve it. As part of this reflection, we thought we could do more to deliver on our mission as well as benefit the entire ecosystem.  

In the first few years of the company, we spent a lot of time on the collector experience and figuring out the dynamics of selling online. The good news is we have seen collectors become more comfortable purchasing art online.

However, as the online art space continues to grow, artists are spending more time managing their online presence and this is cutting into their time spent creating. Considering this, at Vango we felt like we weren’t fulfilling our promise to artists: To enable artists to focus on creating. So we took this set-back as an opportunity to improve.

Given all this, we quickly realized that, as a gallery, Vango could only do so much to alleviate the amount of time artists spent uploading to online markets and managing their collectors. So we created Vango Studio to help our artists.

We believe Vango Studio will be beneficial to artists which, in turn, makes it beneficial for Vango. This new, content management, tool will be a premium feature that artists pay for. As a premium feature, artists can elect to use the new specs should they feel it will help them. Of course, if you just want to show on Vango, you can still do that!

We also trust it will enhance our collector experience because we will be providing better art and artist recommendations, and artists profiles will be up-to-date.

So today we are very excited to announce the launch of VANGO STUDIO!

Vango studio will enable artists to create more and manage less.  We do this by:

  • Helping tell your story – Vango Studio provides you with services to write your bio, photograph your work, create video statements and more.
  • Show off your work – Vango Studio lets you upload to exclusive galleries, as well as sync your website, ArtFinder, Saatchi and Etsy accounts, with more integrations coming.
  • Understand what is working – Vango Studio provides you with data and insights from all your portfolios as well as insights from our entire network to help you understand how to be more successful.
  • Manage your fans and collectors – Vango Studio lets you connect, visualize and foster your best patrons and collectors.

We know it is a long road ahead but we won’t stop until we will make you rockstars and put art in everyone’s home.  So we thank you for joining us in this journey and we could not be more excited about the future.  

See what other artists are saying:

  • “I just uploaded 120 pieces and added them to five sites – that’s 600 pieces uploaded. That was potentially months of work in under 30minutes. This is almost too good to be true.” Arun Prem
  • “This is going to be WAY better than I imagined.” Having the portfolio all in one place is going to be so much easier.” – Brian Nash 
  • “What you are planning to build is beyond anything I have ever seen.  Not only will you be making the online managing easier, you’ll be providing competitive intel artists have never had before.” – Terri Deskins
  • “I am so jazzed about the new features, I feel re-ignited as a professional artist.” – Linda Bailey
  • You have NO idea how helpful something like this is for someone who paints as much as I do. It’s genius and more than I could have imagined” – Dyanna Dimmick

Check out Vango Studio now and let us know what you think!

Sync your online portfolios with Vango Studio’s integrations.

Visualize your collectors with Vango Studio’s collector management map.

Create your own website with personalized domain (i.e.

Get support telling your story with our writing and photography services