The Art of Selling Out: The Most Famous Artist

Artist you need to know: Dinara

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San Jose-based artist Dinara Omarova paints abstract works that express emotions where words seem to fall short. Inspired by nature and the sense of freedom that it offers , Dinara’s abstract works embody the majesty, uninhibitedness, and beauty of the subject she represents. Unexpected and yet harmonious blends of colors sweep and dance across each of her canvases, creating dynamic…


How to Improve Your Tag Game: A Vango Guide

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As a member of the Artist Relations team here at Vango, I get the opportunity to speak with many Vango artists. A great deal of our conversations share a common theme: how artists can get more views and attract more collectors. There are several ways to engage more effectively with your audience on Vango, but a couple of ideas we…


Advice for Artists: The Good, Bad, Inspirational and the Plain Bizarre

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  Advice for Artists   In the case of artists in particular, people always seem to have a ton of opinions on what should or shouldn’t be done, whether it’s a sensible or foolish road to go down, or how to achieve success. This advice can come in many forms- good, bad, inspirational or plain bizarre. We decided to ask…


This is what happens if you leave artist Sabet in your home alone

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Artist ALI SABET recently went to Tokyo and did something quite interesting. Here’s the story in Ali’s own words: “Before I left to Tokyo my Airbnb host messaged me from Canada asking me to paint something little on his walls. In exchange, he would refund my stay and I would be able to call his place my own whenever I visited…


Fighting the Mythical Creative Block: Five Simple Steps by Penelope Przekop

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This week, we decided to ask one of our artists, Penelope Przekop,  to write a piece on how she deals with so-called “creative block”. Read what she had to say below. Many artists are consumed with the urge to create and the notion that their lives are defined by it.  Like other creatives, there are moments, days, years, when we…


Artist you need to know: Eddie Schrieffer

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Born in New Orleans and currently living in South Carolina, Eddie Schrieffer’s work is visually diverse and references a wide range of influences. Be it slightly sinister yet intriguing portraits, relaxed beachscapes, or spiritual, allegorical paintings, Eddie’s work reflects the experience of falling headlong into inspiration, with Eddie painting whatever captures his imagination at any given moment. In fact, you…


World Art Series: 7 Contemporary African Artists To Know About

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With a rich and diverse culture spanning thousands of years, art from Africa has inspired art around the world for centuries. More recently, Africa has become home to a rapidly growing contemporary arts scene. This year in particular has been huge for the arts landscape there, with a string of exciting events occurring: Africa’s Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa…


6 Creative Apps for Artists

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  Inspiration strikes when you least expect it, and while physical sketchbooks are great for jotting down ideas, they aren’t always the most convenient things to have on hand. Now, with apps that allow you to sketch and design on the go, all you need is your phone or tablet to bring a stroke of inspiration to life. The apps…