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The Holidays: as told by 28 paintings

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First,  or maybe,  or at the very least, You’re likely going somewhere like this, where through the window, a lot of anticipation brews, and some version of festive home decor awaits (Thanks Mom),  as well as an overwhelming number of these, and (hopefully) your favorite form of homey comfort. Because sooner or later, there will be a knock at the door. And from arms will tumble…


5 Unexpected Ways to Make a Statement with Art

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There is a time and a place for subtlety and accent pieces, but we’re taking on a much bigger task this week — making a statement with art. Often, we associate a “statement piece” with size, meaning we want a really huge, wall-sized canvas. But, that’s not the only way.  It’s totally natural and possible to bring a statement piece…