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5 Unexpected Ways to Make a Statement with Art

How To Hang, The Latest By November 30, 2016 Tags: , , 3 Comments

There is a time and a place for subtlety and accent pieces, but we’re taking on a much bigger task this week — making a statement with art. Often, we associate a “statement piece” with size, meaning we want a really huge, wall-sized canvas. But, that’s not the only way.  It’s totally natural and possible to bring a statement piece…


Gifting 101: How to Give a Truly Unique Gift

The Latest By November 20, 2016 No Comments

Just think. When we first started giving gifts, we were about the most original human beings of all time – kids. We would craft together dry pasta, eventually graduating to an ornament of sorts, the kind that has hung on your Christmas tree or adorned your mother’s home for 20 years. Sure, maybe these gifts were cheesy, but man did…