San Jose-based artist Dinara Omarova paints abstract works that express emotions where words seem to fall short. Inspired by nature and the sense of freedom that it offers , Dinara’s abstract works embody the majesty, uninhibitedness, and beauty of the subject she represents. Unexpected and yet harmonious blends of colors sweep and dance across each of her canvases, creating dynamic compositions that stir and intrigue. To create her interestingly textured and vibrant pieces, Dinara experiments with a variety of mediums, such as molding paste, metallic acrylics, and palette knives. This ever-present desire to find new methods of expression as well as the uninhibited spirit that she and her work embodies is why we have chosen Dinara as this week’s Artist You Need To Know.

Vango:  Why do you do what you do?

Dinara:  I paint because the canvas understands me, my emotions and my thoughts. Even though it’s just my canvas and me when I paint, it touches me that others can feel emotion through my work as well. I paint to be free, and feel free. That’s why I do what I do.

V: How would you describe your work?

D: I would describe my work as embodying movement and fluidity… The words that come to mind are ‘exciting, adventurous and satisfying’. I could classify my work under many different techniques and styles, but personally I like to think of myself as an abstract artist.  

V: What are some of the techniques you use?

D: The techniques I use are simple but adventurous: I like to experiment with different tools like palette knives and brushes. To create the sense of dynamism that you see on my canvases, I often paint in a rapid and almost aggressive manner.

Dinara with a Palette knife

V: What are some of the biggest inspirations on your art?

D: Nature is one of my biggest inspirations: The sunset that i see in my studio every time I paint, the sky and the trees that heal… Another one of my inspirations is the chaotic world of social media and the artists that I find on them. When I see them experimenting with different styles, I’m inspired to push myself and my work further. Also, when looking at famous artworks and seeing how some of the craziest pieces are accepted, it makes me feel more confident to step out of my comfort zone and create something just as crazy.

V: What inspires you to paint certain recurring themes, like your women in powerful poses and your chameleon series?

D: I paint certain repetitive themes because it’s my safe place to go to. For my women, even though I paint them in the same pose over and over, the brushes and tools that I use make them unique every time. In a way, it’s my go-to. It’s similar to why you take the same route home everyday or buy the same drink in the morning… at this point it’s just instinct to me.

Dinara’s Powerful Women paintings

V: What artistic style(s) might you classify your work under?

D: I would classify my art as abstract, with a bit of a figurative and minimalistic flair.

V: Do you like listening to music in the studio? If yes, what are some of your favorite artists/albums to listen to?

D: Yes I do! I like a lot of house, trance and funk music. Some artists I like listening to are Miguel Migs, Good Vibrations, and Above and Beyond. I also like listening to background sounds like the wind, passing cars, and the noise of nature.

V: Out of all your works, do you have a personal favorite?

D: I have a lot of favorites but it really depends on the time of year! I personally don’t have one personal favorite- I do have a private collection of paintings, just as my collectors have their collections of my paintings. One piece that I do miss is my first ever nude portrait. I wish I still had it and that it was in my private collection.

V: What is something you like to do when you are not creating?
D: I make sure to get lots of sleep and rest. I also really like going out for nice meals, cooking and watching suspenseful movies. And of course, playing fetch with my cat Jordan.

Dinara’s Sphinx cat,  Jordan

V: What is your favorite part about being an artist?
D: I love being an artist because of the freedom it affords me. I can constantly change my mind and express myself in whatever way I wish to, and no one can judge me for it.


Visit Dinara’s profile on Vango and follow her on Instagram @abstract_artist_dinara!

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Beach,  30”W x 24”H, $500

Chameleon 32, 18”W x 14”H, $320

Winter, 24”W x 18”W, $250

Untitled- 044, 48”W x 36”H, $500

Peace 2, 20”W x 16”H, $100

Bloom, 24”W x 18”H, $330

Ripple, 18”W x 24”H, $320

Helicon, 18”W x 24”H, $380

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