A big part of our mission at Vango is to empower all our artists and provide you with the right tools and support systems to grow your careers. We believe social media isn’t all about cat videos* (*we still love these!) and news updates- It’s a stage which artists can use to spread their story and foster communities. The highly visual nature of Instagram has made the platform an ideal place for artists to showcase their work and share their stories. According to findings by the 2017 Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, Instagram has become the most important social media channel in the art world, with 57% of art buyers surveyed saying this is the most frequent social media platform used, up from 48% in 2016.

We know that figuring out how to build your Instagram account can be overwhelming, so in order to help you optimize your presence on this platform, we have created a guide with actionable steps for you to take. This guide is divided into 5 main sections- (1) Tell Your Story Well (2) Use Hashtags, (3) Start Conversations and Make Connections, (4) Leverage Influential Art Accounts, and (5) Track your progress. With the right understanding and consistent effort, we believe every artist can break through the noise and build their own audiences.

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