It’s 2017 and we’re still reveling in the blissful innocence of a new year.  Who knows what visions we will behold in this fledgling trip around the sun. We surely don’t. But, in the spirit of possibility, we’re rounding up three types of art we wouldn’t mind seeing more of 👀


  1. Narratives. Maybe we miss story-time, but narrative pieces are due for a comeback. There’s something revealing and suggestive about looking at a piece of art that seems as if plucked out of a middle of a beautifully painted plot-line.
    narrative painting 1

    Caught You by Kenneth

    scene 1

    Scene no. 1 by Zachary Roberts

    subtle painting

    Subtle by Courtney Murphy

    2. New Media. Not to repeat ourselves, but it is 2017, which means there are more techniques and unique materials popping up every day. Take what Sara Sandoval’s doing with your average mailing label, for example.

3. Neo-Classical. Borrowing from Greece and Rome used to be THE thing to do (back in the 1800’s). We’re not saying we should repeat history, but we’d be interested in seeing how contemporary artists can riff off classical themes.

birth of venus

her neo-classical painting

Her by Leonard J.

achilles art

Achilles at Bay by Johnny Lannom

What kind of art are looking out for in 2017? Let us know in the comments below or message us in the app to get help finding it.