or maybe, 

or at the very least,

You’re likely going somewhere like this,

where through the window, a lot of anticipation brews,

and some version of festive home decor awaits (Thanks Mom), 

as well as an overwhelming number of these,

and (hopefully) your favorite form of homey comfort.

Because sooner or later, there will be a knock at the door.

And from arms will tumble all sorts of boxes and wrappings.

Which of course also means that your kitchen will go from


While your living room somehow turns into some version of 

sprinkled with AT LEAST one of these.

With any luck this year you’ll feel a joy akin to,

but beware, there’s a decent chance you’ll get one question to which you will respond,

And that’s when it’s perfectly acceptable to find something pressing you have take care of, like a potential disaster.

After you save the day and the courses begin to roll,

and roll, 

a welcome lull falls over the festivities,

followed by a gloriously content holiday slumber.


Have an Artful Holiday Season and Beautiful New Year,

The Vango Team