Between a spirited olympics, political turmoil, losses, and victories, this year was one for the ages. As events transpired and hearts were pulled in every direction, artists around the world documented society one piece at a time. Take a look at the events and defining works of 2016.

The 2016 Summer Olympics officially known as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad took place in Rio de Jeneiro.


Rio by Alena Shymchonak

A hotly-debated political race divides America.

Trumpcula by Gary Aagaard


Without Her by Raul Samano

David Bowie passes away, leaving a rock legacy that will never become dim.


A.I.P Bowie Arrest in Peace Bowie by Flavio Kampah Campagna

The gorilla turned internet meme that is Harambe explodes after his death at a Cincinatti zoo.


R.I.P. Harambe ~ Modern Acrylic of the Gorilla Harambe From the Cincinnati Zoo by Cassy Combs

Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Peace Prize for having created new forms of expression within the American songwriting tradition.

bob dylan

The Ramblin’ Man by Mike Emory

The Broadway rap-musical Hamilton sweeps the nation, breaking the record for most money earned in one week on broadway at $3.3 million.

Hamilton by Brian Nash

War and multi-layered conflict ravages Syria, especially at the home of the populous Syrian government in Aleppo. Innocent lives are lost and refugees flee to the borders.

I Found Out About Aleppo on Facebook by Jake Nordstrom

American musical legend Prince passes away and the world pays tribute in purple.


Prince by Christopher Cascio

British citizens vote to leave the European Union it what is now known as ‘Brexit’.

brexit art

British Ice by James Bergstrom

Tensions rise between minority groups and the police on the heels of multiple devastating murders involving African-American males, like Michael Brown and Alton Sterling.

black lives matter

Proverbs 22:6 by Mark Harris

The Great One, Muhammad Ali, passes away, reminding us of the dominance and impact he had on sports and popular culture.

muhammad ali

The Greatest by Brian Mack


What. A. Year.

Share the moments, good or bad, that moved you in 2016 in the comments below.