Layering your home is a lot like layering your art. Let us explain.

It’s almost winter, it’s officially cold, and we’re officially seeking any and all forms of warmth. While burning a nice fire is one way to do it, we’re focused on a different kind of heat  — the warmth of a home.  Wait, what?

Yes. Psychologically speaking, that “warm, cozy” feeling we’ve all been talking about is a real thing. It comes from sentimental layers. Think your favorite shirt, sweater, jacket combo, but for your home, sort-of. Put simply, your walls are the first layer of your home, what you put on them is another layer, then things like your bookshelves and the books on them another, and so on. The less generic and more meaningful your layers are, the warmer your home will feel.

Take it from people and homeyness expert, anthropologist Grant McCracken:

Objects that mark the season (e.g., corn in autumn, holly for Christmas) are homey. Pictures of relatives, pets, and possessions are also homey. Paintings of certain kinds can have a homey character, especially sentimental treatments of landscapes or seascapes. Books in quantity can “furnish” a room and give it a homey character.

McCracken goes on to talk about the layers of our home, beginning with our yard, our roof, and our walls and inward.

The other furnishings of the wall of the homey environment help to extend its embrace…The furnishings of the room help to complete the process of encompassment. They make up the last ring of material intimacy in the home. One group of these furnishings encircle the wall and a second set create small pools at the center of the room.

The finishing touch is us, the human, at the center of the home, surrounded by objects that quite literally warm our heart. He notes,

When this circle is occupied, a final human surround is accomplished.

We shape our environments and in return, our environments shape us. Bare walls, empty shelves and mass-produces objects tend to give off a chilly, distant feeling, whereas sentimental, hand-crafted goods extend a homey, welcoming vibe.  And you thought we were kidding when we said art changes lives.

Take a look at our warmest, most welcoming pieces in the Homey collection, and stay warm this winter.