Whether it be through political messaging, vibrant color, or a signature style, these 8 contemporary artists are making noise.

1. Mark Harris (San Francisco, CA) view all work

Proverbs 22:6

Proverbs 22:6

2. Esteban Ocampo-Giraldo (New York, NY) view all work

The Race for the Prize

The Race for the Prize


3. Mariana Fox (New York, NY) view all work

little house painting

Little House in the Color

4. Stephanie Jeanne Hardy (Nashville, TN) view all work



5. Chunbum Park (Palisades Park, NJ)  view all work

asteroid girl

The Beautiful Astroid Girl

6. Dilcia Giron (San Francisco, CA) view all work

new delights

To feed her mind with new delights

7. Wyanne (Nashville, TN) view all work

Waits for no one

She Waits for No One


8. Malik Roberts (Brooklyn, NY) view all work



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