Just think. When we first started giving gifts, we were about the most original human beings of all time – kids. We would craft together dry pasta, eventually graduating to an ornament of sorts, the kind that has hung on your Christmas tree or adorned your mother’s home for 20 years. Sure, maybe these gifts were cheesy, but man did they have lasting power. Here are three ways to relive your childhood gifting glory with a sophisticated twist.

1. Go with hand-made.

handmade giftThe craftsmanship and labor put into handmade goods is a value in and of itself. We live in a machine age, so a departure from mass-production will speak volumes to the recipient. Try The Angry Weather for jewelry, Awl Snap for handmade leather accessories, and our Gift Guides for original works of art.


2. Make it about them AND you.

them and youSure, giving is usually based on the person who will open the gift. But, take a second to consider what your gift is, and what connection it has between you and them. Some of the best gifts aren’t just the ones that check off the recipient’s favorite things, but rather remind them of a memory, hobby, or common interest you share.

3. Try something new.

try something new

No one ever got excited about a tie for the 8th year in a row. Use your heart and change things up this year. Remember, gifts can actually be aspirational for their new owner. So don’t always default to Mr./Ms. Practical — shake it up.

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