We’re bringing you 10 of the brightest artistic talents to join Vango since we’ve gone GLOBAL (in no particular order). Their refreshing perspective and work goes to show that pure creativity cannot be defined by one country or region.

1. Yuliya Martynov (England)

Independent, driven, yet fragile, her artistic ideology is a form of self-reflection. It lies with uncertain trajectory of a paper plane – a delicate vessel connecting space and time. Watch A Day in the Life to see more.

Yuliya Martynova.

Migration | Vermillion Sky – II


Explicit Ready


Migration | in between

2. Iva Troj (England)

Contemporary Art Excellence Artist of The Year 2016 and 2013 Towry Best of East England Award Winner, Iva Troj seamlessly incorporates her vast experience of traditional painting techniques with postmodern elements to create engaging Renaissance-style works.


Lions & Monkeys Series – Diptych 2 (left side)


Lions & Monkeys Series – Diptych 2 (left side)


Mountain Awaits You

3. Rinalds Vanadzins (Latvia)

city under water

City Under Water



rhino painting


4. Abi Whitlock (England)

Her work focuses predominately on the human form and how the mind and body are affected when immersed in water. This is mirrored by the way light is refracted and reflected, distorting and enhancing color and shape.

floating in water art

Star Float





5. Pol Ledent (Belgium)

After having explored European landscapes and the female beauty, Pol moved on to experimenting with abstract painting. He rapidly found the pleasure of unlimited creative power, starting a never ending journey through imagination.

Magic City

Magic City

Abstract 6661104

Abstract 6661104

summer painting

Summer 445140

6. Melisa Taylor (Canada)

Melisa’s work is a hybrid of technique, mixing organic and material processes. I relied upon memory to approach painting with more freedom, imagination and subjectivity. Over time, I developed a visual language of gestures derived from automatism and action-painting much like ab ex.

Mangata 38

Mangata 38




Mangata 24

7. Alberto Texier (Mexico)

Alberto relies on dreams, ideas, and desires in his painting. As thousands of concepts and ideas mix in his mind paint, his art remains unique. “I do not make copies or imitations of painters, I am the original.”





the earth painting

The Earth

8. Kim Leutwyler (Austrailia)

Born in America, Sydney-based Kim Leutwyler migrated to Australia in 2012. She works in a variety of media including painting, where she explores the fluidity and complexity of gender and sexuality through layered abstractions.

g & t

G & T

kim leutwyler

Journey as Destination II

Do You See What I See

Do You See What I See

9. Kate Kozlova (Russia)

Aftering finishing her time at the Academy of Industrial Art in St.Petersburg in 2009 Kate continued to expand upon her classical training. At the academy, she was taught classical techniques regarding nature and copying the old masters. For Kate, art is a way of coping and experiencing life. 

First Lights on the Palace

First Lights on the Palace

Copy of Guardi Francesco

Copy of Guardi Francesco


Replica of Ambrosius Bosschaert ” Flowers in chaines vase”.

10. Ulugbek G Doschanov (Russia)

Ulugbek’s art is objective, it comes from spontaneity. It is not prearranged, preprogrammed, pre-thought. As he paints, he flows with the colors and often surprises himself on how I have left it up to the hands of existence.

nude dancer

The Nude Dancer



Red Face Bird

Red Face Bird


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