While we were foraging through the museums’ worth of summery artwork to bring you this week, inspiration struck. It’s true, summer’s not over, but it’s getting there. So why not finish with your sun-kissed forehead held high? We’ve pieced together the perfect way to bid adieu to the warmer months, thanks to 5 paintings beautiful enough to inspire us into action.

1. Take one last walk on the beach.

stroll along the beach painting

A Stroll on the Beach by Claudia Verciani.

2. Savor the beauty that is outside dining.

bay cafe melinda patrick

Bay Cafe by Melinda Patrick.

3. Enjoy a late night sunset. You know, like the kind that happen after you get out of work.

sunset afterlight

Afterlight by Faith Patterson.

4. Get in the water!

rachel swimming

Rachel Swimming by Alden Phelps.

5. Rock the best of your summer wardrobe.

boho girl fashion

Fashion Illustration Bohemian Girl by Rebecca Hinson.


Ta-dah. Summer complete. Check out the Best of Summer collection for more inspiration.