This is a story about Sidney and Connor. You don’t know them, but you should — because they’re awesome.

See, Sidney is a soon-to-be doctor. She’s one of those really smart types who also happens to be a sweetheart — enviable, lovable.  She’s finishing up her last year of med school in San Francisco (home of Vango 🙌🏼), while her beau and second key component to this story holds things down in Boston.

Connor, equally lovable from our experience, works as a product manager for an endlessly impressive robot company (something those MIT kids dreamt up then made a reality, while we all are like 🙀).

sidney and connor

Sidney and Connor’s stunt-doubles (they asked us not to use their pic and we listened because they’re the best).

From what we can tell, the plan was pretty cut and dry. While Sidney finished up learning how to fix people’s hearts, Connor would get their new one bedroom apartment in Brookline as move-in ready as possible, easing his girlfriend’s transition to first-year residency and a new city.

It’s at about this time that we first met them. Connor wrote in to one of our art advisors in the app, in search of art for their nearly-naked walls (we heard talk of a Red Sox poster that he was pretty sure Sidney would veto).

A look at the blank space Sidney and Connor were working with.

A look at the blank space Sidney and Connor were working with.

Connor explained his situation to our advisor Vanessa (patience of an angel, that one). She suggested some artwork to Connor and encouraged him to use the “Preview on Wall” feature in his app to help Sidney see how it would actually look in their very own space.

We didn’t hear from him for a about ten days, when he again wrote in to Art Advisor with a note that made us grin from SF to Boston.

Sid and I owe you guys! We finally narrowed it down to 4 pieces for our living/dining room. The visualization piece was a GAME CHANGER for us. Thank you for making this.

No, no. Thank YOU, Connor & Sidney. We have been walking around like 😀💃🏽😍😺😁👏🏽 for about a week (and maybe forever).

Moral of the story: Sidney has a decorated, welcoming place to graduate into, Connor has won boyfriend of the year, and life is looking pretty grand for all those involved. What is this “visualizator-ma-jiggy” that made this happen? Works like this:

 step 1: find beautiful piece of art.

step 2: rotate phone to landscape.

If you want to get a better feel for what Sid and Connor did, you can visualize in your own room right here in the app.