Our homes are natural storytellers. Their adorned walls, marked-up floors, slept-in sheets all paint a vivid picture about the places we’ve been and the kind of people we are. To say that looks aren’t important, in this case, doesn’t fly. Your space truly serves an extension, not of your appearance, but of your experiences.

So, how do we keep our best memories and experiences alive? 

Art, of course. Commissions, more specifically.


What’s a commission? A commissioned work of art is a piece created specifically for you based on your specifications and desires, by the artist of your choosing.

How does it work? It starts with you and your ideas – whether they be extremely detailed, or loose guidelines.

Let’s pretend for a minute. (Say your favorite place in the world is Grenada, Spain.)

You traveled there when you were 27. You climbed the slightly crooked stairs up to the loft you rented for three weeks with your best friend from college. You unlocked the door for the first time and were welcomed by an open, red-shuttered window that could only be outdone by the gray-blue mountaintops peeking through in the distance. You flung your suitcases on the floor and cracked the 2 euro bottle of vino you picked up using broken Spanish and stared out the window until it was gone. 

grenada, spain views

Alhambra, Spain by Joe Crocker, 20″ x 18″.

THOSE are the kind of moments commissioned artworks are capable of capturing.

How does the artist know what to do? We’ll connect you with the artist you choose and facilitate the back and forth to make it as seamless as possible. You’ll work with the artist and relay details, big or small, that you want included in your piece, along with the feeling you want it to convey and and specifics you have in mind like size, color and orientation.

Your artist will then give you a timeline and update you with sketches before you receive your final piece.

Why are commissions awesome?  They simultaneously “bring you back,” and move forward with you for the rest of your long life. Plus, the artistic flairs of your favorite artist make these types of pieces rich with personality and authentic style.

Have your favorite memory in mind?

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3 Commissions We Love & The Stories Behind Them

1. GG Bridge by Deanna Fainelli. Ethan and Erika commissioned this piece from Deanna to commemorate this stage of their life living, working, and meeting in San Francisco. The blues, grays, and greens were requested to match their tranquil, minimal space.

gg bridge commission

The commission now looks over their living room.

The commission now looks over their living room.

2. A loving father worked with artist Mark Harris to turn his son’s drawing into a professional masterpiece. Mark wanted to keep the spirit of the child’s artwork alive, while re-inventing it in his own way. See the in-progress shots below.


commissioned artwork process

A look at the journey of a commissioned work of art, from blank canvas (top left) to complete (bottom left).

3. Sigrid commissioned this piece from Monica Perez for her modern living room. Monica created a small series of samples before Sigrid chose this one. In the end, Monica was so inspired as an artist that she ended up continuing to work on a series of similar pieces.

modern art in living room

Monica’s piece in Sigrid’s home (with pup).


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