The interwebs aren’t just about connecting people far and wide. It’s actually much more powerful. We wanted to use some of that power to focus on creating a Local Art experience that helps bring tight-knit communities, and those visiting those areas, together. Wherever you are, whether it’s home or on the road, you can access art and artists near you by visiting the Local Art section of your Vango app. And why is that so awesome?

  1. Connects you to a distinct place you love.
Austin, TX painting

Eat at Jo’s by Melinda Patrick

Home is where the heart is, we know this. Artist’s are uniquely and uncannily able to capture the spirit of a place unlike anyone else. Whether in an abstract form or realistic representation, local artists somehow take our endearment and love for our hometowns, and spin them into a physical form. It’s kind of magical.

2. Allows you to stay connected to an artist’s career.

julius bautista

Julius Bautista in his Chicago studio.

When you find a local artist you love, you should do a little dance. Really. It opens up a whole new world of possibility,  filling your evening with art show openings, studio visits, and other equally creative endeavors. Find a local artist you love, and you’ve got an “in” to the artistic current pulsing through your area.

3. Encourages a creative community.

Dyanna Dimmick's work on display during a local women and tech event in San Francisco.

Artists are the antidote to dullness. It’s a fact. They the creative engines in communities, whether it’s in the confines of their studios or telling stories through street murals and art fair displays. Supporting artists at a local level keeps your area’s liveliness and local flair intact.

4. Supports your local economy.

Denisse Wolf bringing her style to the streets of San Diego.

Denisse Wolf bringing her style to the streets of San Diego.

It’s people helping people, people. When you’re dealing with anything at local scale, it’s a good thing. Taking your business to nearby businesses, a farmer’s market, or yes, an artist is just another way you can do your part to invigorate your economy.

5. Gets to you, quickly!

Deanna Fainelli's work at home.

Deanna Fainelli’s work at home.

Should you decide to purchase art from a local artist, that baby will be up on your wall in no time. Let’s call it 2-3 days – one day for shipping, one buffer day for you decide which wall will be the proud recipient of your new masterpiece. Not bad, not bad at all.


Want to find artists near you?

The app will use your current location (only with your permission) to show you artists in your area.


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