Summer is synonymous with poolside/oceanside/lakeside lounging. That’s to say, at some point, you will find yourself basking next a body of water. It’s just a fact. So, while fostering a solid tan line can be accomplishment enough, we thought we’d add 5 simple things you can get done whilst waterside.  Here’s how to take your summer to next level, while maintaining your lounging zen.

1. Plan your next trip on Peek

hot air balloon

Peek is your one-stop shop to discover and book non-cheesy travel activities. It covers most major U.S. cities as well as Paris, London, and Cabo san Lucas. Already heading somewhere this summer? Make sure you’ll  be exploring in an authentic way. Not sure where to go? Find a destination where the lifestyle fits your style. Hot air balloons and wine? Napa here you come.

2. Then book your flight with Hitlist

book your flight

Not only is Hitlist a breath of fresh air when it comes to flight-booking apps, but it might just save you a boatload of money. Hitlist’s curated lists of destinations creates the need for grand adventure and finds you the best deals. While poolside isn’t a bad place to be, your mind may be inspired to wander elsewhere.

3. Have an art advisor recommend art tailored to your taste on Vango (yup, you now have an art advisor).

talk to an art advisor

A team of art advisors? At your beck and call? Yup, it’s true – this kind of thing is no longer just for the rich and famous. Message an advisor in the Vango app let them know what you like, what you don’t like, and any specifics you may have in mind.  Then, voila –  they’ll have recommended artwork tailored to your preferences for you to check out by the time you come back from your next dip in the water. Try it out here.

4. Learn how to steal like an artist

steal like an artist journal for creative kleptomaniacs

We cannot get enough of this book/journal hybrid. The Steal Like an Artist Journal by NYT best selling author Austin Kleon is one part humor, one part meditation, one part creativity (even if you’re not creative at all). The pages are filled with quirky prompts, for example: Ten Things I Probably Think About More Than the Average Person, Start Typing Randomly into a SearchBox & write down the auto suggestions. All you need to provide is a pen.

5. Find out who’s playing in your area with BandsinTown

bands in town

Bandsintown isn’t exactly a secret anymore, but it is nonetheless the go-to place for live music. With festival season in full swing, scanning the Bandsintown app  can help you find some of the smaller shows that often happen before and after major festivals in nearby locations.

Thats it, you’re officially ready to summer on. 😎