Chico Coelho hails from Piracicaba, Brazil and lives and works in San Francisco, CA. His vibrant personality, transformative career, and dual talent as a painter and musician has earned him the title of this week’s artist you need to know.


YES, 48″ X 34″, $750

Art Looks Like: Outer space seen in vivid color, the confettied streets of a Brazilian Carnival, a million neon fireflies, and the energy we all need.

For Fans of: Modern art, Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings, symmetry, unapologetic color, making a statement, and meticulous details.

Why Chico is an artist you need to know: Coelho hasn’t always been painting like this. When he began, he studied the classical masters, fascinated by Rembrandt’s figure paintings and Monet’s choppy brushstrokes. And yet, today we see flat planes of bold color – completely different.

During a crucial moment in his career Chico spent 8 months living and working in one of the most dangerous, depressive neighborhoods in São Paulo, Brazil along with 11 other artists. The group focused on creating and philosophizing about art, putting on art events, and engaging in public interventions. He learned, he though differently, and his style grew.

When he encountered Jackson Pollock’s work, everything changed. He began to place his canvas on the ground and allow his brush to dance in the air, paint dropping onto the canvas and floor, like Pollock. Today Chico’s work blends images captured by the Hubble Space telescope and the colors of our brain behavior. His unique style has earned him hundreds of followers on Vango and even more fans and collectors worldwide.

Watch Him Work


60 Seconds with Chico Coelho

Vango: Name something you love. Why do you love it so much?
Chico: I love love because nothing is more lovely than love.

V: Where are you the happiest?
C: On the stage playing my music. But also when I’m painting in my studio or making a mural somewhere.

V: Tell us something we would only know if we had been best friends for 20 years.
C: I fall in love too easily. And I cry easily too.

V:If you could have your art hanging in one place on earth, where would it be?
C: MoMa, NY


A Glimpse into Chico’s Art


PURPLE RING, 20″ x 20″, $300

pisagem by chico coelho

PAISAGEM, 48″ x 24″ x 1.5, $750

Mouth by chico coelho

MOUTH, 40″ X 20″ X 1.5, $500

sunrise painting

Sunrise, 24″ x 24″ x 2″, $400


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