Something feels different? What’s Up?

Well, we have a few secrets we’ve been keeping. But, time to let ’em loose.

It’s about your app. We’ve changed things. And well, you need to know.

Let’s put it this way, your Vango app definitely no run-of-the-mill art catalogue.  What we mean is – the collections you see and the art in them are selected just for you. We started by building Vango Weekly and baked in 9 other collections of art chosen specifically for your screen. Understandably, you have some questions, so let’s start with the big one…

What is Vango Weekly?

Vango Weekly Picks

Say hello to your personal collection of art, brought to you by…well, you.

20 Works of Art. 1 Collection. Updated every Monday.  Vango Weekly is tailor-made for your eyes only and carefully filled with must-see new pieces, plus older works you might have missed. 🌟PSA: Make sure you’ve created an account and logged in for access…because if we don’t know who you are, who knows what kinda of art would pop up. Also, a sparkly new collection cover image will appear to let you know when your new collection is ready each week.

Manic Mondays? See ya never.

So, what’s in my weekly collection?

Great question, love where your head’s at, and here’s what we can tell ya. Vango Weekly is filled with pieces of art picked specifically for you. We learn about what you like and what others like you enjoy, plus we sprinkle in a few surprises to keep it interesting.  Your brain may experience the following stream of thoughts while browsing…


“Yup. Nailed it. Love it – that piece is very me.”


“Woah, hey there. Didn’t see that piece coming, that’s freaking awesome/rad/tubular/fantastic/insane (in a good way).

Where can I find this thing?

Your Vango Weekly collection lives at the top of the collections tab in your Vango App. Make sure you are logged in and have the latest version downloaded, 6.1.4 (or get it here).

vango weekly collection

Is that it?

Of course not.

As you scroll through your collections tab (we’re still talkin’ in the app here), a few things will jump out. Take the words, ‘Recommended For You,‘  for example. When you see this phrase at the top of a collection cover, it means there’s magic at work and you’re seeing one of 10 collections specifically recommended to your unique person.

rec2  rec1


Now, we know what you’re thinking…

How could you possibly know what I like?

Similar to how we choose pieces for your Vango Weekly, recommended collections are shown based on your preferences, and the preferences of similar users in the Vango community. This means you might see brand new collections like ‘Retro’ and ‘Open Air’ (depending on who’s looking). It also means that if you compare your app to your buddy’s, they probably look entirely different.  And remember, we’re going to try to find the EXACT picture of a penguin wearing a blue jersey that you’ve been yearning for, but it’s much more likely that we’ll  get you into the general animal-wearing-garb realm and leave a little breathing room for exploration.

P.S. In Case You Forgot

Here’s how you can tell what’s in every collection ever.

abstract expressionism  deanna fainellilimited edition  reds

Vango Limited = collections offering limited edition prints

Vango Emerging = collections with work from awesome emerging artists

Vango Masters = collections full of work by one or more Master artist (this month is Deanna Fainelli)

Recommended For You = collections shown based on what we think you’ll like (please tell me you didn’t forgot that already)

Spotlight = special shout out collections for artists whose work deserve some extra eyeballs

Awesome, Now Take Me to The Art >>