Meet the artist turning cement jungles into color-soaked paradise. Layer by layer, Deanna Fainelli transforms cement jungles and rundown roadsigns into color-soaked images of energy revived.

san francisco skyline deanna

Happy Hour by Deanna Fainelli

Traveling the country with camera in hand, the Bay Area artist collects photographs of rusted, decaying structures. She then goes to work transferring the original photographs onto canvas and shocking them with highly saturated acrylic paints. From San Francisco to Detroit, Deanna discovers opportunity, perspective, and beauty in environments that most of us see as well, ugly.  Isn’t that one of the greatest strengths of an artist – to take that which may not be beautiful, and make it so?

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gif portraitbuilding ruins

abandoned buildingdrive in sign

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oriental burgerroof top sunrise

union machinedrive inn sign


Her body of  work is equal parts contemporary city life and no-mans-land nostalgia, with brick buildings and burnt out fast-food signs recurring throughout. The contrast between flaky black and white photo-transfers and ultra-saturated paint marries new and old, dead and alive, reviving her decrepit structures with an extra ounce of energy.

“I love peeling away layers of its gritty wonderfulness to find fleeting moments that make up the urban experience. Through art I am able to elevate those moments to remind us what makes city life so awesome.”


From the Artist:

On a more conceptual level my mixed media art is about a lifestyle. It represents a free-spirited attitude, creativity, living life on your own terms and quality over quantity. It’s about being mindful of the world around you, looking up and enjoying every day experiences. To create my mixed media work I combine materials like original manipulated photos of people, architecture and signs with acrylic paint and paper (and whatever other materials I find) to tie in visual elements that inspire me–like layers of peeling paint, rust, and graffiti–adding details that help tell our urban stories.

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Art in the Wild

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