Young and an artist. A romantic notion, no?

And yet, not so romantic that it cannot be true. It is here, as a young artist, that we find our first Vango Master Artist Bailey K Chapman. 

She drums in not one, but two rock bands, travels the nation snapping pictures for inspiration, and serves as adjunct professor in her home state of Texas. An odd mix? Not when you see it all laid out on canvas. Everything – the drumming, the traveling –  becomes clear, as her interests translate onto canvas, albeit wonderfully distorted. Her paintings have the best trappings of psychedelic rock and roll, mixed with natural elements. Organically melting, folding, and bending, her compositions  boast saturated complementary colors paired readily in the imagination and rarely in nature. 

Bailey K Chapman at show

Bailey with two of her paintings.

Bailey received her BFA from University of North Texas and my MFA from Texas Woman’s University. She currently spends her days painting out of her studio in Denton, TX and her two bands, Pearl Earl and ABACABA, fill her nights with loud music.

Keep up with Bailey on instagram @bailey_kakes and +Follow her on Vango to keep up with her latest works.

Scratches the Surface

Scratches the Surface by Bailey K Chapman

Isle Du Bois painting

Isle Du Bois by Bailey K Chapman


Meat Trash painting

Meat Trash by Bailey K Chapman


granite falls painting

Granite Falls by Bailey K Chapman


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