5 Tips to Successfully Sell your Art Online

We called in the big guns for this one. The Vango team (or part of us at least) virtually sat down with guests Cory Huff from The Abundant Artist and artist Elliott C. Nathan to discuss tips, tricks, trials, and tribulations associated with selling art online. It’s not an easy area to traverse, so we figured we’d better cover all the bases. Cory, who joined us from Paris (sigh), has spent his career coaching artists and teaching them the ins and outs of marketing their work and Elliott is a successful and savvy bay-area artist. 

Just a heads up - there’s some real gold in here. For example…

  • Learn how to smartly convey your story as a creator
  • Discover which social media platform(s) is best for you
  • Find out who the heck your audience is (and how to find them)
  • Hear about the nuances and trouble with pricing
  • Get familiar with email lists and how to manage them

Watch, listen, and ask us questions if you have any!

Behind the Canvas with Linda Bailey

Look out, best-selling artist Linda Bailey has a new studio and she’s not afraid to use it. Her portfolio consists of vibrant, textured abstracts that deftly walk the line between light & airy and strong & geometric, and she’s currently experimenting with new techniques. Keep an eye out for her latest work and read more to find out where all of the creativity comes from.

Vango: When did you begin painting?

LB: I began painting when I was about 13. I loved color and was intrigued by the way paint looked when being poured and mixed. I remember getting poster boards from the 7-Eleven store and poster paints and just pouring them together - swirling, mixing, dripping. I hung those poster boards in my bed room and loved the way they made me feel - they were a visual statement of me. I loved that.

V: What inspires you to paint?

LB:  It can be as something as simple as a design in someone’s clothing - my coworkers will tell you that I may stop them in the hall to take an iphone pic of the pattern on their shirt or skirt. They are used to it by now! I am also inspired by light - shimmering light on damp plants in the morning, the light on water, sunrises and sunsets.  It doesn’t mean that I want to paint those exact images, I just want to paint - light makes me feel energized to paint. But above and beyond everything else, music inspires me to paint. Most of the time it is a phrase or even the title of a song that will inspire me to paint. Glimpse of Your Splendor is a good example of that.


Glimpse of Your Splendor, SOLD.

V: How would you describe your style?
LB: Abstract, contemporary and modern. I have two favorite techniques - highly textured abstracts (Party on the Patio) and my newest technique which I think of as flowing air (Before the Beginning).
V: What do you hope viewers see in your work?
LB: I hope viewers see something new and different. I think it would be easy to recapture the same style and techniques as a lot of other artists. It’s important to me to be challenged by creating my own technique and style and have viewers think, ‘wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before!” My husband recently built me an art studio - I’ve been in it about a month - so it’s easier than ever to experiment in search of new and different ways to paint. Never stop learning. Never stop growing.
Can’t get enough? Visit Linda’s complete Vango portfolio to see more.  

Behind the Canvas: Meet our First Tier 3 Artist


Hilary Winfield’s abstract paintings are a vibrant meeting of texture, color, and gesture. Her work has the rare quality of looking aesthetically cohesive ( you can tell that it’s “a Hilary Winfield” if you will), while still remaining visually diverse from one piece to the next. Let’s just say, we’re fans over at Vango- and so are our buyers! Hilary has worked her way into Vango superstardom, having sold 15 paintings on Vango to date, with more flying off her easel every month. We are honored and excited to continue to work with an internationally collected and award winning artist like Hilary. 


Lithosphere 101  (36” x 24”)         

Featured on our new homepage, Hilary joined Vango in October 2013, and has since then grown tremendously right along side us. She has seen the beginning, starting at Tier 1, and through the success of her artwork has recently broken into Tier 3. Just last week Hilary uploaded her (and our) first piece of $1000 art. (Cue celebrations.) “Sunrise 10” is a gorgeous three-panel piece, that imparts a feeling of serenity and tranquility. The colors are rich and perfectly contrasted, making the work fitting for pretty much any place in need of a beautiful statement. A modern living room? check. A rustic cabin? check. 

Her creative process involves “experimenting with various mediums and methods of infusing texture, iridescence and illumination into her work.” Drawing inspiration from the Pacific Northwest specifically, she infuses her work with layers of color and feel from the nature and cities in her corner of the country.

imageSunrise 10 (72” x 36”)

After taking in the hues of Hilary’s expansive triptych, some of her main influences start to reveal themselves even further. “Weather, rusting metal, aging wood, water, dilapidated buildings, peeling paint, stones and rocks” are just a few of the sights Hillary gleans creativity from near her home in Portland, Oregon. And to think we would love rust and old buildings? 

Our love for Hilary is not unrequited- she has many good things to say about Vango. “Vango is a fantastic website with a streamlined interface and I love working with the Vango team! My artwork images really shine on mobile devices using the Vango app and they are always working on exciting new innovations.” We appreciate the kind words, Hilary!

Want to see more? Browse her full portfolio of 20+ works on Vango and follow Hilary Winfield in the Vango app.  Join Hilary and all of our artists in spreading the paint and making the world a more artful place. Let’s get ready to celebrate some new, awesome milestones. Rock on Hilary, keep those brushes painting!


Night Sky 2 (48” x 24”)

Featured Collection: Take me to the Coast

NEW feature alert!

With the advent of our brand new homepage, which can only be described as an art-party on the web, we are able to have some fun and make your art-loving a little easier. 

What you can expect:

You’ll notice some collections of art taking up permanent residence on the homepage, but you will also see a healthy mix-in of specially curated collections hanging around for a limited time only. Latest art and trending art collections will always be up-to-date and available on our website when the Vango app is out of reach (ahem, I’m talking to you droid users). 

As for the limited time collections… well, we’ll let those speak for themselves. Preview this week’s featured work here, then see the full “Take me to the Coast" collection as inspired by sea, sand, and salty air.

imageSan Vito Lo Capo by Jo Cataldo

imageFishing Shack by Janet Glatz

imagePath to the Beach by Linda McCarthy

imageArch Cape by Anna Kodesch

imageMarine Life no. 5 by Jade Kozlowski-Goetz

imageThe Cliff by Angela Treat Lyon

imageTo the Wind by Francis Sweeney

imageSunset Fishing Boat!! by Marvin Tweedy

Love this collection? Stay tuned for more super-features coming soon to the web and Vango app. Until then, don’t wait to start Being Original.

Shop the collection nowDownload the app. Join us on Facebook.

Vango’s First Birthday: Art and Cupcakes

Go Vango, it’s our birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s our birthday…

It may be our 1st birthday, but we want to share it with you! That’s why we have two pretty sweet treats planned just for the special occasion.


The first tasty treat is quite literal, as in sweet on your tongue, delicious in your belly goodness. We’re talking cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes. We will send you and a friend free cupcake deliciousness when you make a Vango purchase during our birthday celebration days, July 27th-29th! We’re not kidding, people…we never kid about cupcakes. May we suggest having a cupcake viewing party when your new art arrives? Keep it in mind.


The second sweet deal is sweet for your wallet and your walls. Sunday July 27th - Tuesday 29th you can earn $1 in Vango credit for every text message referral that results in a download. It’s a simple rule of $1 for 1 download. So, here’s to rounding up your friends and spreading the original art love.

Usually, you receive $20 when a referred friend buys art, but during birthday days, all you need is a download to earn. Learn how to refer a friend in the Vango app and then send your text referrals as soon as Sunday rolls around.

In the meantime…

Follow Vango’s board #hbdVANGO: Indulge your Sweet Tooth on Pinterest.

Mouth watering yet?

We’re looking forward to many more years of connecting artists and buyers through the shared appreciation of kick-ass original art. Plus, keep an eye out for a BIG surprise later this week (maybe even bigger than our birthday).


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Give $20 Get $20

You love original art. Your friend Mike also loves original art, but his taste is… let’s just call it “retro-cat-chic.” Now with our Give $20 Get $20 program you and Mike can help each other decorate- the best part is you get to choose your own art and don’t have to pretend to like what Mike would choose. 


Step 1: Download Vango from the App Store, if you haven’t already. All the cool kids are doing it.

Step 2: Locate the Give $20 Get $20 tab at the bottom of the menu page. This will bring you to a page which allows you to share this great opportunity via text message, email, twitter, or Facebook.image

Step 3: Invite Mike! And as many other friends as you want. When Mike makes a purchase, he will receive a $20 discount. He can spend this saved money on cat food and tacky sweaters. You will also receive $20 in store credit. image

Step 4: Find the piece of original art that is just right for you! Get $20 off pieces starting at $100. If five of your friends make a purchase you could get a free piece of art!image

Step 5: Enjoy and be original!

Eyes and Art that Tell a Story

It’s often said, “What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” There’s a difference, you know, between looking and seeing. 


Here behind the scenes, all of the original works of art that you see both in the Vango app and on Pinterest have danced across our line of vision at one time or another. More often than not, this stirs up in-office “dibs” wars, but on profound occasion, the art begins to form stories and relationships. One piece triggers thoughts of another and brings two seemingly dissimilar works into the same conversation. That’s the beauty of art — certain things just appear to certain eyes.

Take in both “the seers” and “the seen” and stories that have unfurled before us. Their eyes look upon the views around them, but what they truly see is open to your interpretation. The quotations below the coupling are excerpts from one or both of the artist descriptions, which can be viewed by clicking on a piece. Explore the paintings individually, or as a pair. 

    image   image "A girl looking beyond a veil explores…its nuances of concealing and revealing.”

   image    image "Watching them, they daintily yelled BLUE at my brush."

   image    image"I created the art…to show them what they might not already see."

   image    image"The deep rich colors of the sun setting can take my breath away in a moment."

    image   image"The bond between a mother and her child is powerful and should be cherished for a lifetime."

    image   image"Floating just beneath the surface, she forgets the stresses of her long day."

    image   image"…it was made of all of the left over colors after God created the world."

    image   image"In no time she was far upriver."

More often than not, when you fall for a piece of art (and trust us, it happens), it’s because it means something to you, conjures up a memory, or maybe sparks the beginning of a story yet to be completed. Ever met an art-lover who has hung a piece on their wall only to create some sort of elaborate backstory for it? A piece that no one else has seems to always becomes a part of the family and one of the most intriguing aspects of any home.

What does the art say to you? Explore in the app or Pinterest and Be Original with one-of-a-kind art. 

Newbie Starts Her Collection

You may be wondering, who is buying art from Vango these days? Well, meet Payton- she’s young, she’s hip, and she bought her first piece of art with us. Earlier this week we tracked down and sat down with this San Francisco native and asked her what it was like decorating her room with original art, not to mention doing it all through an app. 

Tell us about yourself.

“I am a student at USF, studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation with a Design Minor. I have always been an art lover and describe myself as “an art student trapped in a business student’s life”.”


Payton browsing the Vango app.

How did you find this piece?

“I was browsing the Vango Pinterest boards and “Float” by YoungJin Choi stood out from everything else. There is something ordinary and simple about it that makes it special. I feel like it’s the kind of piece that has long term meaning, because you never stop interpreting it.”


"Float" by YoungJin Choi ($250)

Why do you like this piece?

“I like how it feels calm, but also on edge. Like floating. It is comfortable, but not settled. It is also somehow reminiscent of my city. It’s not bright, it’s foggy and luminescent, like San Francisco.”

Where do you plan to hang it?

“Above my bed! I am so excited to have this piece of art in my apartment, it’s made by a young artist who is kind of like me.”


We couldn’t help but do a little celebratory dancing after this purchase. A younger city-dweller cracking into the world of original art?…that’s the dream. 

That’s how Payton Vangos! Show us how you Vango: have a buddy take a picture of you using our app (or do it selfie style) and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #iVango.

The Perfect Recipe for your Fourth of July Weekend

Cheers to Independence! The 4th of July is this Friday, giving you a reason to skip out early on Thursday and bask in the highly coveted three-day weekend ahead. We all know there are a few things the fourth isn’t complete without, but we’ve added a little extra something to our to-enjoy list to prolong your Americana celebrations way past Friday. 

Now grab a cold glass of lemonade, throw on your shades, get ready to indulge in this weekend’s recipe (mix as desired).

1 American Flag


Flag Porch, Cranford New Jersey by Bruno Baran

Fly one, wear one, or hang one. This is mandatory.

1 Baseball Game


Country Ball Park 3 by Bill Stewart

It is America’s favorite pass time, after all. Catch a local summer league or make a day of it and go root on your favorite major league team. And if you don’t consider yourself a baseball fan, bring friends, and feel free to combine multiple parts of this recipe to achieve the best result. 

2 Activities


Kite Flying Skinny B by Darlene Kasper

Bike ride, kayak, surf, hike…they’ll all do. Pick a killer combo of two things that’ll keep your day and body moving. We envision pool volleyball with friends and kite flying by the ocean…but that’s just us. 

8 oz. Burger


A Colorful Classic by Megan Doman

…plus all the good stuff on top. Get the barbecue fired up, people. No July 4th weekend is complete without at least two helpings of hotdogs and hamburgers. Yum.



Beer and Cake by Kellie Langewisch

We won’t dictate quantity on this one, that’s up to you. But, drink responsibly…or at least go for an American brew.

2-3 Hours of Waterplay


Long Beach by Mary Ann Hagen

The beach, the lake, your pool. Get in the water (maybe not right after the food and beer)! Cool off, splash around, and be kid for a while. 

3-5 Scoops of Ice Cream


Soft Serve by Amanda Beckham

Indulge a little, would ya? Ok so maybe not all at once, but there’s nothing like ice cream on a summer night, toppings included in the name of America. (pro tip: save at least one trip to the best ice cream spot in town for Sunday) 

1-2 Firework Shows


Submerge by Susan Rodebush

Let’s face it, fireworks are everywhere this time of year. Take advantage and take in a show or two. Not a planner? Just get to high ground and look skyward around 9:30pm…you’re likely to catch some sparks.

To find out more about any of the works above, just click on the image. And to see even more art to inspire your weekend adventures, join our 45k on Pinterest and download the iOS apps for free

Happy 4th of July! 

An Equal and Opposite Reaction to Art Basel

Let’s be clear, this isn’t a review of the past weekend’s Art Basel. If I were to review it, though, here’s what I would say. Multi-millionaires and billionaires bought art from a fraction of artists represented by a sampling of “top” galleries. The ticket prices bordered on offensive, half of the works on view were already pre-sold (“jpeg bombing” the New York Times called it), and the debated “art bubble” that may or may not exist depending on who you talk to, inhaled an absurd volume of art purchases either way.  The 45th fair in Basel, Switzerland certainly showed an onward and upward trend from the uber-rich, as if they had officially cut the sandbags and floated away from earth in their luxury hot hair balloon.


(photo via Art Basel)

So what about those of us with our feet on the ground? Or, as I have been guilty of, the hopefuls that ingest the “art world” reports, results from Basel, blockbuster hammer prices, and then retire that information to a personalized catalogue between “never going to happen” and “screw the art world?” OR, what about those of us who just want some art, damnit. As Basel and Co. further propel the “art world” into another universe, what now?

An equal and opposite reaction.

The top heavy industry is desperate for a counterbalance, an equally powerful force cultivated through an expansive, stable network of emerging artists, aspiring buyers, and art available to a majority rather than an ever-shrinking minority. 

Read More